Find the unit vector in the direction of the given vector

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What is the unit vector in physics?

Possible Answers: Correct answer: Explanation: To find the unit vector in the same direction as a vector, we divide it by its magnitude. The magnitude of is . We divide vector by its magnitude

Unit Vector in the Direction of v = (-1, 3)

a. Find a unit vector in the direction of the given vector by finding a unit vector in a the direction of a simpler vector that points to the same direction of the given vector. b. Find a vector of

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Find the Unit Vector in the Same Direction as a Given Vector

A unit vector is a vector of magnitude 1 and with a direction along a given vector. It represents the direction of the given vector. The unit vector of a vector is found by dividing

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Unit Vector

Every nonzero vector has a corresponding unit vector, which has the same direction as that vector but a magnitude of 1. To find the unit vector u of the vector you divide

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