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In Geometry, reflection is a transformation where each point in a shape is moved an equal distance across a given line. The line is called the line of reflection. The original shape being

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In geometry, a transformation is an operation that moves, flips, or changes a shape to create a new shape. A reflection is an example of a transformation that takes a shape (called the preimage) and flips it across a

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Reflections in Geometry

Reflection Definition In Geometry, a reflection is known as a flip. A reflection is a mirror image of the shape. An image will reflect through a line, known as the line of reflection. A figure is said to reflect the other figure, and then every point in
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Conceptually, a reflection is basically a 'flip' of a shape over the line of reflection. Reflections are opposite isometries, something we will look below. Reflections are Isometries Reflections are isometries . As you can see in diagram 1 below

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What is a Reflection?

A reflection is a flip over a line You can try reflecting some shapes about different mirror lines here: Next Shape Horizontal Reflection Vertical Reflection Diagonal Reflection Lines © 2015 v0.81 How Do I Do It Myself? Just
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