How to find the leading coefficient of a polynomial graph

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Leading Coefficient Test

h!The leading coefficient of a polynomial helps determine how steep a line is. In the following example, {eq}h (x)=2x+1 {/eq}, the graph will be less steep than in the example {eq}b (x)=4x-1
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Leading Coefficient Example

If you know the roots of a polynomial, its degree and one point that the polynomial goes through, you can sometimes find the equation of the polynomial. Example: Find a polynomial, f (x) such

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Graphs of Polynomial Functions

How To: Given a polynomial function, sketch the graph Find the intercepts. Check for symmetry. If the function is an even function, its graph is symmetric with respect to the y -axis, that is, f (– x) = f ( x ). If a function is an odd function, its

College Algebra Tutorial 35: Graphs of Polynomial

This will always happen with every polynomial and we can use the following test to determine just what will happen at the endpoints of the graph. Leading Coefficient Test Suppose that P (x) P ( x) is a polynomial with degree

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3.4: Graphs of Polynomial Functions

👉 Learn how to find the degree and the leading coefficient of a polynomial expression. The degree of a polynomial expression is the highest power (exponent)
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