What does evaluate mean in mathematical terms

it means to solve an problem. Ex. evaluate. 5+6= A:11. so evaluate means to solve a problem

In mathematical terms, what does evaluate mean?

Definition of Evaluate. To evaluate something is to find its value. For example, you might be asked to evaluate x if x + 2 = 7. The answer is x = 5. You might also be asked to evaluate the

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Evaluate Expressions: Definition, Solved Examples

Britannica Dictionary definition of EVALUATE. [+ object] : to judge the value or condition of (someone or something) in a careful and thoughtful way. We need to evaluate our options.

Evaluate expressions (Pre-Algebra, Introducing

evaluate. ( ɪˈvæljʊˌeɪt) vb ( tr) 1. to ascertain or set the amount or value of. 2. to judge or assess the worth of; appraise. 3. (Mathematics) maths logic to determine the unique member of the
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