Mass point geometry

2. The objects of mass point geometry. We begin coordinate geometry by de ning basic objects like point and line. In this vein, we de ne the main objects of mass point theory. De nition 1. A

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[MPG] Mass Point Geometry : Tricks for Triangles for CAT Exam

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Mass Points

Mass points is a technique in Euclidean geometry that can greatly simplify the proofs of many theorems concerning polygons, and is helpful in

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Mass point geometry

Mass point Geometry (MPG) is a technique borrowed from the concepts of physics which we apply to solve many complex problems involving triangles and intersecting lines.

How to prove we could use mass point geometry to solve all

Mass Points A mass point is a point assigned a mass. We use mP to denote a point P with mass m. Here, m can be a positive or negative real number. The mass points technique is fascinating


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Mass Point Geometry

Mass point geometry, colloquially known as mass points, is a geometry problem-solving technique which applies the physical principle of the center of mass to geometry problems involving triangles and intersecting cevians. All problems that can be solved using mass point geometry can also be solved See more

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