Solving linear first order differential equations

1 Solve the following equation. Because the degree of and its derivative are both 1, this equation is linear. 2 Find the integrating factor. 3 Rewrite the equation in Pfaffian form and

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First Order Linear Differential Equations

This is the integrating factor needed to solve first order linear differential equations. Solving Equations With the integrating factor, solving the equations is relatively straightforward. Solve

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System of First Order Differential Equations

The solution to a linear first order differential equation is then. \[\begin{equation}y\left( t \right) = \frac{{\int{{\mu \left( t \right)g\left( t \right)\,dt}} + c}}{{\mu \left( t \right)}}\label{eq:eq9}\end{equation}\] where

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First-Order Linear Equations

Free linear first order differential equations calculator - solve ordinary linear first order differential equations step-by-step

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