How to find the area of a quadrilateral

The area of the quadrilateral will be: Area of quadrilateral ABCD = Area of ABC + Area of ADC So, area of quadrilateral ABCD = (½ × AC × BE) + (½ × AC × DF) We can calculate the area of different types of quadrilaterals by using the given

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Area of a quadrilateral Calculator

The area of a quadrilateral can be found by dividing into two triangles using a diagonal. When the diagonal's length and the heights of the two triangles are known, the area (A) of the quadrilateral is, A = (1/2) × Diagonal × (Sum of

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What is the formula to find the area of a quadrilateral?

1. Know how to identify a parallelogram. A parallelogram is any four-sided shap2. Multiply base times height to get the area of a rectangle. To find the area o3. Multiply on See more
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