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My teacher doesn't explain the math very good, and after I download this app I've been getting A's in math, easy for students to understand, thank you for this app, there also isnt that many ads, yOU PROVIDED YOUR USERS YOUR PLUS FEATURE FREE OF COST DURING THE LOCKDOWN TO HELP THEM.

Dennis Rankin

The solution steps are simple enough to follow and it always gives you an answer. It really has helped me out during the struggles I have had on certain problems, this app really helped me in my studies. I love this app(even tho some of it I have to pay for it), 99 percent of the time its perfect.

Jim Canady

This app is a life saver lmao it got me thru so many online test and home work this app has some great features sometimes it is weird like cube roots and stuff but is still helps, but I would like to recommend adding SOLUTIONS TO how you get the MIN and MAX, and or the sSLOPES of certain functions in graphs.

Brian Jacobs

College Algebra Textbooks

College Algebra - M. Wiles Keller, Purdue University - Houghton Mifflin Company - Vintage 1946 Mathematics Textbook KalebsCollection (26) $11.99 Algebra Revealed Alterbizz $7.00 Holt

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College Algebra by Beecher, Judith A., Penna, ISBN: 9780321969576 List Price: $226.40 $29.96 (Save 86%) $22.53 (Save 90%) Own it? Sell it back for $17.43 13. Contemp Abstract Alg 7e by

College Algebra Book

College Algebra 13th Author (s) Margaret Lial et al. Edition 13 th Format Hardcover Publisher Pearson Published 2020 ISBN 9780135822128 New Used Rental eBook International

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College Algebra

College Algebra / Edition 2 by Donna Gerken, Julie Miller Explore Series Hardcover $252.75 QUICK ADD The Princeton Companion to by Nicholas J. Higham Hardcover $99.95 QUICK ADD
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