Find the position vector r(t) given the velocity

Given a position function r(t) that models the position of an object over time, velocity v(t) is the derivative of position, and acceleration a(t) is the derivative of velocity

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2.5: Velocity and Acceleration

!This problem has been solved! See the answer Find the position vector R (t) given the velocity V (t) = 16e^ (4t)i + 15cos (5t)j + 15t^2k and the initial position vector R (0) = -2i-j-2k. I know to
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Find the position vector R(t) and velocity V(t) given the

A. Find the position vector R (t) given the velocity V (t)= (4t+4)i+8sin (4t)j+6t^ (2)k and the initial position vectorR (0)=i+j+3k. R (t)= B. Find the position vector R (t) and velocity V


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How do you find the velocity and position vectors if

The position vector r describes the path of an object moving in space. (a) Find the velocity vector, speed, and acceleration vector of the object. (b) Evaluate the velocity vector and acceleration

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