How to find x intercept of linear equation

How to find the x-intercept and y-intercept for a linear equation in standard form (Ax + By = C) or slope-intercept form (y = mx + b). AboutPressCopyrightContact

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The x-intercept of the line can be obtained by putting y = 0, x-intercept = (am−b)/m. The intercept form of a straight line is x/a + y/b = 1 where (a, 0) is its x-intercept and (0, b) is its y-intercept. X Intercept on a Graph To find the x

Intercepts of a Linear Equation

Step-by-Step Examples Linear Equations Find the x and y Intercepts y = 1 x − 2 y = 1 x - 2 Find the x-intercepts. Tap for more steps x-intercept (s): None None Find the y-intercepts. Tap for

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