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Pre-Algebra : Distributive Property

Simplify using the distributive property. = ( 1 + 5 + 7) x = 13 x So, Rico's MP3 player holds 13 x tracks. Example 2: A volleyball uniform costs $ 13 for the shirt, $ 11 for pants, and $ 8 for

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Distributive Property – Definition with Examples

It is easier to understand the meaning if you look at the examples below. Consider the first example, the distributive property lets you distribute the 5 to both the 'x' and the '2'. An Intuitive Example Using Arithmetic If, for some reason, you are


What Is Distributive Property: 5 Effective Examples to Use in

Here’s an example of how the result does not change when solved normally and when solved using the distributive property: This property helps in making difficult problems simpler. You can use this property of multiplication to

Distributive Property Practice Problems

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Practice Applying the Distributive Property of Multiplication

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Distributive Property

In math, the distributive property helps simplify difficult problems because it breaks down expressions into the sum or difference of two numbers. According to this principle, multiplying the total of two addends by a number

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