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Delta Math Transversal Problems with Equations (Level 1)

This video provides a few examples for solving DeltaMath problem set titled, Finding Angles in Transversal Problems (Level 1)

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Transversal Problems with Equations Level 2

Solution: The two angles 3x− 15 3 x − 15 and 2x +7 2 x + 7 are equivalent. That is: 3x −15 = 2x +7 3 x − 15 = 2 x + 7. Now, solve for x: 3x − 15+15 = 2x +7 +15 → x: 3 x − 15 + 15 = 2 x + 7 + 15 →.

DeltaMath: Transversal Problems with Equations (Level 2)

Delta Math solution tutorial

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DeltaMath: Transversal Problems with Equations (Level 1)

answered Delta math transversal problem with equation Answer 1 priyodiptobasak Step-by-step explanation: 6x+10+10x+10=180 16x+20=180 16x=160 x=10 hope this helps you.

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The answer to the equation is 4.

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DeltaMath: Finding Angles in Transversal Problems (Level 2)

DeltaMath solution tutorial