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Trigonometric Equations

Use sin x − cos x = 2 ( sin ( x − π 4)) followed by the substitution x = y + π 4. You get ( 3 + cos ( 4 y)) sin y = 2. This is satisfied if sin y = 1 2. The equation ( 3 + cos ( 4 y)) sin y = 2 can be written

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The Organic Chemistry Tutor 5M subscribers This trigonometry video provides a basic introduction into solving trigonometric equations. it explains how to find all solutions by

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Finally, to get all the solutions to the equation all we need to do is multiply both sides by \(\frac{5}{2}\). \[x = \frac{{5\pi }}{6} + 5\pi n \hspace{0.5in} {\rm{OR }} \hspace{0.5in} x = \frac{{25\pi }}{6} + 5\pi n
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How to: Given a trigonometric equation, solve using algebra Look for a pattern that suggests an algebraic property, such as the difference of squares or a factoring opportunity. Substitute the

7.5 Solving Trigonometric Equations

Let’s just jump into the examples and see how to solve trig equations. Example 1 Solve 2cos(t) =√3 2 cos ( t) = 3 . Now, in a calculus class this is not a typical trig equation that we’ll be asked to solve. A more typical example is the next one. Example 2 Solve 2cos(t) =√3 2 cos ( t) = 3 on [−2π,2π] [ − 2 π, 2 π] .

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