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Calculate Normal Force of an Object on an Inclined Plane

Formula to calculate normal force on an incline surface is given by: where, N = Normal Force m = Mass of the object g = Acceleration of gravity [9.8m/s 2] x = Angle of Inclination Enter the input

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Normal Force Calculator

Compute the normal force applied on the body? Solution: Given that Mass m = 2 Kg Angle θ = 45° F N = m * g * cos (α) Substituting the inputs in the formula to calculate the normal force we get the equation as follows F N = 2*9.8*45° F N

Solve math equation
Normal force

Since the normal force is the reaction to this portion of the weight, and it points in the opposite direction (as all reactions forces do), then the normal force is: FN=-FWy= -FWcos (2) Now that we have obtained the normal force of a body sitting

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How to Calculate Normal Force?

A simple form of the normal force equation is N = mg where the normal force N is equal to mass m times gravity g. This calculator allows you to enter mass and gravity instead of the normal